Our People

Meet the folks who put “unity” in the community.

Seed Coworking is more than desks, chairs and wifi (although those are all pretty nice). It's a true community of like-minded folks who prefer the company of others while working, planning, learning and playing. Stop in, we’d love to meet you.

  • Don Miller
    Don Miller President, Groundspeed Seed Co-founder
  • Virgilio Baker
    Virgilio Baker President, The Millennium Media Group Of America
  • Sarah Womack
    Sarah Womack Senior Developer, SPOKE. Founding Member
  • Keith Instone
    Keith Instone Founder, Toledo Region Experience Planning Founding Member
  • W. Gene Powell
    W. Gene Powell President, Spoke Seed Co-founder Founding Member
  • Scott Sanzenbacher
    Scott Sanzenbacher Founder, Black Mutt Media
  • DiAnn Guerrero
    DiAnn Guerrero Toledo Flavors Food Tours
  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith Editor - Notebooks, GottaBeMobile, MotorReview
  • Jamie Wright
    Jamie Wright Professional Nerd Seed Co-founder Founding Member
  • Adam Hansen
    Adam Hansen World-renowned polymath, and Seed Partner. Founding Member
  • Scott Radcliff
    Scott Radcliff Software Engineer. Builder of apps in Ruby and Elixir Founding Member
  • Rich Jambor
    Rich Jambor Maddie & Bella Coffee Co.
  • John Zalewski
    John Zalewski Independent Software Developer Founding Member
  • Jason Slagle
    Jason Slagle Network Achitect, CNWR Inc
  • Martha Ulberg
    Martha Ulberg Operations and logistics enthusiast, GEN R
  • Dan Paquette
    Dan Paquette UX, IA, SEO, PPC, 508, WCAG, ARIA, HTML, CSS, JS = ROI.
  • Jay Chen
    Jay Chen 3D Product Designer
  • Rick Fishman
    Rick Fishman Career Coach/Resume Writer/Branding Consultant at The Career Coach.org
  • Dana Quick
    Dana Quick Attorney
  • Dave Del Signore
    Dave Del Signore Software Development Manager at Rolled Alloys
  • Stuart Bertsch
    Stuart Bertsch Company Owner, Organized Adventures Founding Member
  • Pat Giammarco
    Pat Giammarco Marketing Systematizer | Inbound Marketing Consultant | Content Strategist
  • Greg Miller
    Greg Miller Front-end Designer & Developer
  • Alexander Christian
    Alexander Christian Designer
  • Ty Smith
    Ty Smith GroundSpeed
  • Maureen Brogan
    Maureen Brogan Community Manager of Seed and StartUp Toledo
  • Dylan Wise
    Dylan Wise Content Producer, PM, ZOOPPA
  • Allison Dillion
    Allison Dillion Marketing consultant
  • Jon Spencer
    Jon Spencer Pixel Magician, Founding Partner of Electric Fun ⚡️⚡️⚡️
  • Scott Deca
    Scott Deca Designer, artist.
  • Thad Gerlach
    Thad Gerlach Database Administrator at Buckeye CableSystem
  • Lauren Link
    Lauren Link
  • Matthew Robb
    Matthew Robb Lead Developer, Spoke
  • Joe Zalewski
    Joe Zalewski President and Senior Business Advisor, JZ Solutions Group, LLC
  • Josh Cooper
    Josh Cooper Technology Entrepreneur, Whitelabel Collaborative Founding Member
  • Jeremy Crapsey
    Jeremy Crapsey Engineer @ http://mber.com/ , Javascript, Games Founding Member
  • Shaily Matani
    Shaily Matani
  • Mark Robinson
    Mark Robinson President, CentraComm
  • Robert Siders
    Robert Siders Founder, President of 52 Novels
  • Mark Pannell
    Mark Pannell Founding Member
  • Cale Spencer
    Cale Spencer Lover of skinny ties. Developer, Whitelabel Collaborative
  • Jayson Taylor
    Jayson Taylor Attorney, Lydy & Moan
  • Andrew Weber
    Andrew Weber World-renowned photographer Founding Member
  • Magnus Stahre
    Magnus Stahre Software engineer, college student and dad all rolled into one Founding Member
  • Tonya Bennert
    Tonya Bennert Founder of Ulimana
  • Douglas Fessler Jr.
    Douglas Fessler Jr. Software Engineer
  • Hilary Corna
    Hilary Corna College Speaker on Women in Leadership | Author of One White Face
  • Steve Livingston
    Steve Livingston Software Engineer @BuckeyeCable.
  • Keith Webb
    Keith Webb Application Sales Engineer at Fujikura
  • Stephen Nose
    Stephen Nose CEO and Founder, S|Y|N Associates Founding Member
  • Nathan Mattimoe
    Nathan Mattimoe DJ, Art in Public Places Coordinator at The Arts Commission
  • Steve Newsted
    Steve Newsted Datacenter Engineer
  • Mathew Crane
    Mathew Crane Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)
  • Ken Vedder
    Ken Vedder Broadcast Engineer
  • Sarah Collins
    Sarah Collins Entrepreneur & Organizer
  • The Arts Commission
    The Arts Commission Inspiring a vibrant Toledo.
  • Paula Schoeff
    Paula Schoeff STEM & STEAM curriculum writer and enthusiast
  • Ryan Lanciaux
    Ryan Lanciaux Developer (lots of languages) / Web Designer
  • Lindsey Danforth
    Lindsey Danforth GIS maven, Organizer of Startup Weekend Toledo Founding Member
  • Tony
    Tony "Toledo" Martinez Operations Manager at Kingship Records LLC and Marketing Officer at Stikii
  • Lawrence Ohlman
    Lawrence Ohlman EcoLogic Foodservice Solutions
  • Josh Garno
    Josh Garno Visualization Professional
  • Phillip Runyan
    Phillip Runyan I google the facespaces and interwebs through a series of aluminum tubes.
  • Anthony Agby
    Anthony Agby Thinker, Entrepreneur, Mobile Developer, Owner/Chief Technologist of @AgbyTech
  • Aaron Birney
    Aaron Birney Manager of Chapter Development at Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity
  • Bobby Small
    Bobby Small Creative Director
  • Dan Karns
    Dan Karns Principal at On Frame Adventures
  • Doug Nafziger
    Doug Nafziger CEO, Solana
  • Hunter Gregory
    Hunter Gregory Full-stack Developer
  • Hugo Santos Gómez
    Hugo Santos Gómez General Manager en Fersa Bearings North America
  • Joel Lanciaux
    Joel Lanciaux Senior Software Engineer
  • John Hood
    John Hood Web Developer at AAA
  • Jonathan Buchanan
    Jonathan Buchanan Developer Wunderkind
  • Jose Mojica
    Jose Mojica Owner of Bad Day Films
  • Josh Baltzell
    Josh Baltzell Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Technology Expert at Cheetah Interactive
  • Keith Thompson
    Keith Thompson Course Author at Linux Academy
  • Kristen Renda
    Kristen Renda Ultra Consultants
  • Mark Montri
    Mark Montri Sr. Product Designer at Sprout Social, Inc.
  • Matt Kulina
    Matt Kulina Full-stack Developer
  • Matthew Molnar
    Matthew Molnar Founding Engineer at Summer
  • Molly Reams Thompson
    Molly Reams Thompson FreshSpoke
  • Paul Bergman
    Paul Bergman Area Manager at Husky Injection Molding Systems Inc.
  • Ryan Forquer
    Ryan Forquer Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Lightstream
  • Tony Kornmeier
    Tony Kornmeier Developer at Deque Systems, Inc
  • Tyler Wise
    Tyler Wise ZOOPPA
  • Laurie Sauppe
    Laurie Sauppe Owner of Independability, LLC
  • Your picture here
    Your picture here Because you're a rock star, and should work at Seed.